I have gotten really a lot out of the course. I have painted some paintings, which “came out by themselves” and which I am satisfied with. A new door has been opened for me. Fantastic. A super course. -Lone

C C IMG_0670

First and foremost the course gave me happiness and energy. I have received the tools to finish a painting and see what is missing to finish it. I now have the belief in myself that it is right for me to paint, to express myself. It has been fantastic to receive so many revelations. The only word to describe it is divine.- Britta

I got more out of the course than I had hoped - amongst others, I got some methods, tools and materials, which I had not tried before. The course has given me the desire to continue being creative.- Lasse

C C good 5

”The course creeps under my skin, because the exercises brings me in contact with at state of joy and presence. A state of being and a contact with something very essential in me that I recognize from my childhood and that I now, to my surprise, have the great joy experiencing again. Eva’s approach to painting goes beyond my mind and concept of forms. Beyond my idea of what I am painting is going to be like. The course enhances my contact with the process and the Now. I reconnect with the joy of the process of creating, right here and now, rather than focussing on the final product and the form. The course promotes a process whereby I discover my original creativity, and that process can be utilized in many more ways than how I paint pictures; for example, how I choose to live my life in general! What I mean is that it is like finding your own essence and spirituality and making it physical through your creativity. It is a very important course in my life right now.” Susanne