Eva_Bergmann Eva Bergmann

Bachelor of Art(B.A.) in art and a B.A. in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa USA
Doctorate in Science of Creative Intelligence, Maharishi European Research University

Trained as an art teacher from Vedic Art school, Øland, Sweden.
•Has taught at Rørvig Folk High School in Denmark in yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Sanskrit, Maharishi Ayur Veda and art.
• Is trained to give Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems (www.gemlight.dk) and Maharishi Marma Therapy
•Has studied, lived and taught in USA, Switzerland, Holland, Ukraine and France.
Once during free time in seventh grade I sat and thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted something that did not make me stressed, something that made people happy. I thought it should it should have something to do with art. Amazing how such a little seed sprouted years later!
My desire for growth also brought me to USA, where I studied art at a university, which combines usual subjects such as physics, computer science and art with the development of consciousness. Education is not just about filling our minds with information, but about developing our consciousness, which is the container of knowledge and thereby developing our creative potential and giving the understanding and experience that everything is connected at its basis.
After my studies around the world, I felt the urge to return home and to share what I have learned with others. Art is a beautiful channel to give from. Through my art and art courses I wish to share with others the joy I experience through creating art.

Contact on form or phone +45 36 98 06 88 or + 1 (917)740 0878